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Privacy Policy

Last modified: 22nd April 2015

We at U&Me Communication (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company') will deal with all user data concerned with the Company's U&Me service and its associated services (hereinafter referred to collectively as the ‘Service') in agreement with the following.

Acquired data and Scope of Use

The Company will use and acquire user data in these ways:

User Data

While creating a new user account, the email address and telephone number and phone book shall be used for the following objectives and purposes:

The user's mobile phone e-mail address (in case of feature phones), mobile number (for smartphone users) will be obtained to know the users of the Service, who the user may know and recommend or register them as friends, and to verify the user's identity and avoid any unauthorized service usage.

The device's phonebook will be accessed to know other users of the service who the user may know the users of the Service, who the user may know and recommend or register them as friends, and to verify the user's identity and avoid any unauthorized service usage. (Only the mobile numbers and phone email addresses in the phonebook of users will be acquired. Remaining data like photos, names, email addresses and addresses not concerned with the mobile phones shall not be used)

To transfer the current Service account to another device, or to access the features that permits the users to use the same Service account on different devices (hereinafter referred to as ‘Multi-device function'), the mobile user has to register his/her email address (in case of feature phones, this will be the email address as mentioned in step 1) and to set a password. The email addresses and their passwords disclosed for the sake of Multi-device function shall be utilized for finding purposes and to inhibit any unofficial use of Service.

Such kind of data mentioned in the sections above cannot be perceived by the other users. In addition, users will have the choice to give such information or not. When information submission is discretionary, if users choose not to offer such data, they may not be able to get all or parts of the Service provided. While a Service account is cancelled, the Company will remove all such user data in compliance with company guidelines.

Other User Data

To permit users to access the Service as easily as possible, and to support uncomplicated communication among users, users may be requested to enrol other details like profile info (profile photos, Service display names, messages and soon), date of birth and full name etc. Besides, other users in the same service can visit profile and additional information (in the form of photos videos, text, etc.) that the users have registered by themselves or dispatched with the purpose of sharing with remaining users. However submission is discretionary, if users choose not to offer such data, they may not be able to access all or parts of the Service provided.

Promotional Events

In some cases, users will be requested to offer some information like phone number, name, address, date of birth, gender and email address etc., to serve the purpose of studies, draws and other promotional activities, for which the Company needs these information to send prizes, and for conveyance of acquired products and soon, to the users.

User Contact Details

The company retrieves user details comprising of email address, OS type, phone number, device type, etc., to assist establish the identity of user, for assessing into reported issues and to offer a proper answer to those queries.

Payment Details

There may be cases in which the users' credit card details will be obtained so as to process the payments concerned with paid services and purchases. The company shall not remember any information as settlements regarding purchases will be finished by the proper payment agencies.

Use of the Service


To offer the best promising service to the users, and for security and maintenance purposes, Cookies are used to save user settings, to store access records in addition to checking utilization patterns and figures. Users can select to disable Cookies though in such conditions users will not have access to use parts of the Service that need Cookies to be active for those demanding users to login.


By accessing the Service, the IP address of the user, browser language, and browser type etc., will be acquired and saved automatically. Such data will be used to evaluate user settings, thus allowing the Company to offer a better Service, and to avert any unofficial/false practices which affect the usual Service processes.

Location Information

Part of the Services may access location data communicated from mobile phones/devices of users. The Company only accesses such data within the possibility that is essential so as to deliver the selected service. If the users have not accepted their location details to be shared thru the settings options on their mobile devices, location data will not be shared.

Device Data

The users' device details (serial number, OS type, PC hardware details etc.) are acquired sometimes. This info will be used for the purpose of an improved service, besides for the purpose of identification and anticipation of any illicit/falsified practices which inhibit with standard Service procedures.

Purpose of User Information

Concerning the scope of usage, when usage guidelines and regulations have already been decided upon gathering of a specific set of user facts, as is the case concerning the use of phone-book data, the data concerned will only be used in accordance with the scope of that particular function. For other cases, the Company will access the obtained personal data for the purposes mentioned below:

  • To find people who the user may know or knows, and suggested or enrol them as friends
  • To avoid any unapproved/ untrue practise of service
  • To provide a smooth and uninterrupted Service to users
  • To consolidate statistical information about the Service
  • To perform study and scrutiny intended at revising and enhancing Services
  • To support the Company to handle efficiently with user questions
  • To offer data about the Service etc., and marketing data from our parent businesses
  • To deliver innovative future improvements with respect to the Service
  • To attract winners for advertising events, mail gifts to those winners, as well as to provide purchased products and soon.
  • To implement identity verifications whenever a user makes an inquiry etc.
  • To practise claims pertaining to paid services and purchased items
  • To inform users of any other key data about the Service and to communicate with users where required

Provision of Data

The Company will under no circumstances offer user data to any other parties devoid of the user`s permission, unless and until the Company is indebted and/or allowed to do so under suitable laws.

Information Delegation

The Company may delegate, to the level the Company contemplates essential to realize the anticipated purpose regarding the use of the Service, the conduct of personal data gathered from users, completely or partly, to a trustee. In such situations, the Company will sufficiently evaluate the suitability of the trustee, execute a privacy contract upon the trustee, and institute a suitable data management system.

Shared Use of Data

The Company can share the user's private details with a business partner, in such cases where a business partner's collaboration is desirable to keep offering the Service to the user.

Under such situations, the Company shall notify the user about the intention of disclosing details, the name of the information manager, and business partner and the type of shared data involved prior to sharing the personal details of the user with such a business associate.

Measurement of Advertising Effectiveness

Since the Company will compensate expenditures to promoting organisations for Service ads available in other media, the Company may set up third-party modules within the smartphone versions of the Service application to estimate the effectiveness of the marketing.

User Rights

Users may perhaps, at whatever time, check or correct their enrolled personal data like email address as well as the password on the Service. Users can terminate their accounts as well.

Users can, for the measures decided by the Company, ask the Company for the revelation of personal details which the users are not able to authorise/use the Service. The Company, consecutively will reveal such data except in the following circumstances:

  • In such cases, where the revelation is probable to harm the life, property, body or other privileges or welfares of the user or some other third party
  • In such cases, where the revelation is probable to sternly inhibit with the company's appropriate process
  • In such cases, where the revelation itself would create a damage for laws and/or rules
  • In such cases, when the company is not capable to authenticate the user's possession of the personal data asked for disclosure.

Subsequent to disclosure, the users may, via the processes dedicated to the Company, share the Company an appeal to add, correct or delete the personal data of the user, if the users find personal data recorded by the Company to be improper. Under such conditions, the Company will quickly examine the request to realize the desired user purpose and correct, add or delete the personal information on the basis of the Company's verdicts.

When users request the disclosure by the Company of their personal information that is unable to be confirmed/accessed through the Service, the Company may charge the users a certain fee for the disclosure procedures. The users can choose freely whether or not they will provide the Company with their personal information, however the users may be unable to use a part of the Service until they have provided the Company with the necessary information.

Withdrawal from Our Services

Upon withdrawing from our Services, when a user account is terminated, all user data will be disposed of in the correct manner in agreement with the law and Company regulations.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be reviewed at times. Users will be informed of key changes in an identifiable manner.


If users have any doubt about this Privacy Policy or queries, grievances, or comments on the handling of personal data related to the Service, users are asked to Contact Us.