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Connected Accounts

Google Drive

Link your Google Drive account with U&Me to use it for free from your mobile device. All files including videos, photos and documents are stored safely and securely. Share the files of your choice with others to view, edit or leave comments.


Dropbox protects your valuable and personal data by storing them in the secure vault that is protected with password. Store all your files, documents, critical reports manually or choose to auto save all the media you share or receive on your mobile.

One Drive

Manage all your business-related or personal documents by linking One Drive with U&Me Messenger. Search through all your own One Drive files and the files shared with you. Automatically upload videos and photos from your mobile.


A file-syncing app that helps to securely, manage, store and share all your confidential and favorite files, documents and photos with free cloud storage provided by Box. Simply add this account to U&Me and manage all files centrally.

Rewards, Earn Points & Gifts

People Near by

Look Around & Find Friends

Now, no need to surf through internet, social networking sites and join chat rooms to make new friends. Forget all these old ways of finding friends, U&Me has a wonderful option for you! 'People Nearby' gives you freedom to search for friends around you irrespective of the location or city or country where you are.

We are all well aware about finding people globally, but what about finding the people who live in your locality. Here is where 'People Nearby' benefits will come into picture.

Around Me

Find What's Near by

How it would be if you can find restaurants near your location, simply by sitting at home? Incredible right! Not only restaurants, literally you can search almost Anything with Around Me feature. A brand new feature designed specifically for U&Me users to make their life easier and entertaining. Whether it is Hospital, pharmacy, bank/ATM, coffee, shopping mall, night life, cinema, beauty salon, hotel/motel, sights, railways or cabs, real-time information is accessible at your fingertips. Never miss the beat, explore the world around you even on the move.


Join, Follow & Enjoy With Your Friends

Be it a cocktail party, hi-tea, alumni meet, wedding or anything that we can call it an event- plan with U&Me using 'Event' feature. Gone days
are when we use to distribute invitation cards by person, follow-up with guests through calls and estimating who are joining with you.


Go Paperless for survey!

Who want to go to Hawaii?
Ye I want to go! - 63% - 94 People
Can’t :( - 5% - 4 People

Perform survey efficiently and seamlessly with your chat application. Save money and time while undertaking a complex survey involving extensive data
collection. It is a bit more than general market research survey tool- highly powerful, ideal for all businesses and industries. A perfect app for surveying and data collection.

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